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questions & answers

Australian Policy Traders are the only Secondary Life Insurance Buyer in Australia 

Australian Policy Traders have been successfully buying life insurance policies since 1999.

Australian Policy Traders assess;

  • AMP Superannuation and Non-Superannuation Whole of Life & Endowment Policies,
  • MLC Non-Superannuation Whole of Life & Endowment Policies,
  • Comminsure Non-Superannuation Whole of Life & Endowment Policies

with a Gross Surrender Value of over $4000. 

Once a policy has been assessed we will determine if it is suitable for us to make an offer to purchase the policy.

When you first make contact with us, we will require the policy owner to complete an Authority in our favour that we will then pass onto the Life Company.

The Authority allows us to collect some technical data on your policy which is necessary for us to determine if we can make an offer to buy your policy.

You can expect a 3-7 working days wait for the Life Company to supply us with the technical information we need for your policy. 

Upon receipt of the necessary information, Australian Policy Traders will assess the policy and seek to provide a written outcome within 1-2 working days to the policy owner.

All offers are valid for 10 working days, unless your Life Company changes their bonus rates during this period; if the surrender value falls or the premiums become due and payable on the policy. Where any of these events arise, we may need to re-assess your policy. 

if you accept our offer, please complete the paperwork as per the instruction points on the front offer page and return this within 10 working days. (If returned after that time we may need to recalculate policy values and our offer).

Australian Policy Traders do not provide any advice to you in relation to your decision to sell your policy. We only provide a purchase price for your specific policy. If you need advice, you should approach a licensed Financial Planner. Please refer to our Disclaimer on the web site.

Australian Policy Traders process payments each week on a Friday via electronic bank transfer to a bank account that you nominate. Upon receipt and verification of all the necessary documentation from you, the proceeds will be deposited into your nominated account. Documentation needs to be received by 12 noon Wednesday to be paid that Friday. 

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with your policy!

Life insurance policies are structured specifically to an individual’s original personal insurance needs, so there are many different reasons why a particular policy will not be suitable for us to bid on. Financial factors such as bond rates, investment markets and policy duration affect the suitability of policies that we may seek to purchase. 

Australian Policy Traders will send the offer/transfer of ownership documents to the Life Company to transfer the ownership of the policy from yourself to one of our investors.

Yes, your name as the life insured / original owner will still show on the policy document even though you are no longer the legal owner. 

Transfer of Ownership time frames vary between each Life Company, but 30 days is a general guide

During the transfer process you may continue to receive correspondence from the Life Company relating to the policy you have sold. If you receive any correspondence from the Life Co. after you have on-sold your policy please forward it on to Australian Policy Traders by email [email protected]. Please note that once you have been paid by Australian Policy Traders you are no longer liable for any premium payments. 

It is your responsibility to ensure all premium payments are stopped and deduction authorities are cancelled with your financial institution and with the Life Company at the date that you send the sale documentation to Australian Policy Traders. 

Australian Policy Traders or its Nominee will not be liable for any overpayment of premiums after this date and no refunds will be made.

Australian Policy Traders buys old life insurance policies for investment purposes.

Australian Policy Traders will on-sell the policy to an investor. If you would like more information about investing in Traded Endowment Policies ( TEPs) then we recommend you visit our sister company website  to consider investing into The Aussie TEP Fund.

Under the Privacy Act Australian Policy Traders does not pass personal information about you onto the investor who buys your policy.

In the event of your death, one of two things would happen; 

  • Neither the Life Company, nor the investor knows. (In this case your policy will just run to its maturity date, with the Maturity Value being paid to the investor) 
  • Someone from your family advises the Life Company that you have passed away. (The Life Company will generally contact the investor and ask them to complete some paperwork which will payout the Maturity Value earlier than scheduled). 

No. Australian Policy Traders, only buy the Whole of Life and Endowment policies in Australia. 

The Viatical market is where an investor buys someone’s Term/Trauma life policy (at a market price), and continues to pay the premiums until the Life Insured dies/meets a trauma definition.

The investor is then paid the Sum Insured.

This market generally operates in the USA.